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Types of Brand Activations and It's Importance

Wide range of Concept Makerz Brand Activation services.
We, at Concept Makerz, believe in deploying strategic techniques such as social media campaigns and various other campaigns to create brand awareness and promote their products and services. To achieve this level of marketing leadership, we have built our team with members who have years of experience. Our team’s past experience and our BTL Marketing and BTL Activation Services are what allowed us to create such a great marketing portfolio. Our portfolio consists of various Market Activation Program services that helped our corporate clients tremendously whether it was their brand recognition or the overall visibility of products. We host a number of different promotion services and that includes roadshows, product launches, FMCG product promotion, canopy promotion, in-shop promotion, brand awareness, mall promotion, etc, focusing primarily on the client’s targeted niche, market, and audience.
Our team has over 7 years of training and development. The needs and demands of our clients are our topmost priority. Our teams have all the knowledge and experience needed to create consisting, repeating, and engaging results when it comes to customer purchase/brand experience. What it means is that even after the campaign and the promotions are over, all the new customers that you gathered through our marketing agency will stick with the brand. This is the level of brand awareness that our marketing agency is capable of providing.


1.    RWA Activation
RWA activation also known as Residential Welfare Association is a form of society activation that has tremendous potential when it comes to brand awareness and engagement. It offers direct interaction with the target audience. The engagement involved in RWA Activation not only provides a comfortable environment to interact with customers but also a pragmatic environment for families and individuals or just a targeted group of customers within a family with the brand or company.
Today many metropolitan cities in India have co-operative housing societies. Such housing societies have become a forum for promoting your brand or even starting the launch of a new product or service.  RWA activation is an ideal option for allowing direct interactions between businesses and consumers, bringing your product, service, or brand to the end-user instantly.


2.    Canopy Activation
Canopy Activation is the most critical part of marketing campaigns for any business model. Whether you want your custom logo to viral or you won't create brand awareness as a whole, our canopy activation service will take care of that. Our Canopy Activation services are one of the few things that you will need to make the most of your business promotion campaign. If you believe signs and posters will benefit you promote your business, then canopy activation services can help you with that as well. We at Concept Makerz, believe in providing our corporate clients with more opportunity to put their brand forward in any way they see fit. Here are a few key points to take away from our canopy activation system.

  • Whether it is physical branding or your online social media sites, our marketing agency will ensure that your consumers will associate your brand, products, and services with trust, love, and an overall sense of satisfaction every time they make a purchase.
  • As we help you achieve more awareness for the brand, it will stimulate a sudden demand for your products that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Your logo or brand will be enough for your customers to instantly recognize your brand. This could potentially bring many other businesses through your door.


3.    Rural Activation
Most of those places in India are still rural-based and their way of living is much different than the urban areas. Hence, we have a strategic rural-based plan which is designed to take advantage that a rural area presents.
India is a country with a vast topographic variation. It prides itself on its multi-cultured and multi-lingual people whether it is in the rural area or urban. We believe that everyone should receive the same products and services whether they live in rural or urban India.
To truly achieve our promise with rural activation, we deployed certain parameters to determine the right approach system when it comes to rural activation. We go through the following parameters described below:

  • Thorough understanding of beliefs and ideologies
  • Untangle their belief system to correctly understand everything that’s going on
  • Communicate in an environment of low literacy


4.    College Activation
College students mostly belong to the age group of 18 to 24-year-olds and that makes them Gen Z. These young adults have various needs and with needs, comes the desire to purchase and try something new. They are not only at an age where they age-stable but they also hungry for something new. This is the right place to experiment and try new products and see how they view the product. This is the perfect place to take any feedback for upcoming product launches as these people will be first to purchase and review. That means even if they don’t like something immediately, you have a lot of time and feedback to develop the product in a way that makes them stick with it. 
Gen Z is the tech-native generation which means they are always online and constantly talking about something. Our marketing will create various brand awareness program that will then be consumed by these young adults. As they begin to engage with their peers about your brand’s content, their shopping experience, and everything, it will start to build a loyal audience for your brand that you can never get anywhere else. This is what you need to keep in mind when you build your portfolio. Don’t worry our team will help you with anything you need.


5.    Market Activation
Our marketing activation will help you execute various marketing mix into your existing marketing process. Concept Makerz will ensure that once the planning phase is over, our team will start their plan for marketing activities followed by a feedback phase. They will then take all the data gathered from the feedback phase to evaluate the perfect marketing analytics and based on the analytics. Based on that you can decide which strategy will be the right one for your business.


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